Live Life
As I usually write about food adventures with recipies.  This post a little different as it follows up on my Cranberry sauce recipie post and an experience I had with it.

Tis the season with all the crazy family gatherings.  There I stood at a family inlaws Christmas/Thanksgiving holiday party filling my stirafoam plate with all the usual Thanksgiving dishes.  So far my plate was filled with mac n’ cheese, roll, ham.  I’m picky with my food (most call me a food snob) that isnt homemade.  Also, I try to avoid food that is canned, boxed, or I’m allergic to.   So I dont usually load much on my plate for those reasons.   As I was still going through the line with my plate 1/2 full, there sat a bowl of homemade cranberry sauce with an eye poping sliced cranberries in the dish.   I stood there perplexed with thought, “should I take cranberry sauce?”  It didn’t look appetizing but it did have the appeal of being made from scratch.   My hesitations came from that I’m not a fan of cranberry sauce.   But, I recently wrote a blog post turning a new leaf to making cranberry sauce.  My head starts churning, and I said to myself “I need to give this a try because I’m turning a new leaf to trying cranberry sauce.” So I threw a scoop on to my plate.  I moved to the next table of food and finished my plate with turkey.  Moments later sitting in a garage on a folding chair as I’m eating the cranberry sauce I thought it tasted good.  Seconds later I noticed there was something allergic to in the cranberry sauce.  And then came on the panic.  It felt like being trapped in a closet  full of spiders and they are crawling all over me with having a spider fear.  With these alergic episodes I dont know how serious the reaction would be but being in the booneys made it a little more frightening.

THEN it hit me
How could the next cranberry sauce I tried after recenly writing about trying new cranberry sauce recipies make me sick?  This was upsetting to me.   Being a math person, the chances seemed unlikely the very next time it would have something I’m allergic to and not realize and eat it.  Im really carefull trying to avoid stuff im allergic too.  If the cranberry sauce didnt have something I was alergic too it would have been a great day.
As I lived to tell the story, I realize that exploring life can be messy.  Sometimes trying something new can be awesome like finding the perfect cranberry sauce that taste amazing and realize life is full of new and exciting things.  Other times it may end up with bad results like eating something your alergic that can lead to panic and fear.   Living life starts when we start pushing past our comfort zone and stop living in fear.  Life is an open cavanas that is being painted daily.  Its just a matter if you paint with the same color every day or explore all the colors and painting options.
Reminder, i’m not a professional and you may want not to try this at home 😎